Work-Life Balance

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Pssst: Your Inner Voice is Talking to You

"Research that employer before the interview." "Save more money." "Just ask him (or her) out already!" Giving advice is easy. But when your inner voice speaks to you, why is it so hard to listen?

"I'm not addicted to technology"

Can you even say that with a straight face? Here are five signs you may be a tech addict -- and how to develop a healthier relationship with those devices you can't seem to live without.

Work-Life Balance? LOL!

According to Gallup, the average workweek is up to 47 hours -- where's the balance in that?!? If your career (or any other aspect of your life) is feeling "out of whack," use this four-step method to get back on track.

"To-Do" Lists: Waste of Time or Productivity Boon?

If you don't use a to-do list, you may wonder if you should. Would keeping one make you more efficient? Better at meeting deadlines? More productive? More...effective?

Balancing workplace, home, and holiday stress

Balancing workplace, home, and holiday stress

Simplify Your Life: Idle Hands are the Devil's Playground

We're not preaching--just being proactive! Use these tips to keep your kids busy, happy and, yes--out of trouble--all while maintaining your sanity and getting your work done.

Take Control of Your Day--Before it Takes Control of You!

It's a given: Nobody gets more than 24 hours in a day. How you spend your waking hours, and how well you fill the number of hours you work, will determine how successful and accomplished you feel at the end of the day. If your to-do list never seems to get done, if you feel like your day is a constant string of interruptions and redirections, it's time to get down to business. How can you take back your time and use it to its best advantage?

Take a breather--Beat workplace stress with these five tips

Stress and work seemingly go hand-in-hand. It's only normal to feel some pressure during your workday. But what can you do when stress gets the best of you? We've compiled five easy ways for you to banish unnecessary stress from your day.

The Great Balancing Act

Department meetings. Baseball practice. Dinner preparation. Project deadlines. Bill paying. Sleep. Hundreds of tasks at work and at home require your attention each day. And busy people like you are always looking for ways to reduce the stress and make life a little easier. We might just be able to help. Here are 25 tips that can help you better manage your time (and save your sanity).

"To Resolve or Not to Resolve"

Making a decision to change just because it's New Year's Day isn't enough to keep you motivated for long. Lasting change means being prepared to make sacrifices. Are you truly willing to make the effort to kick a bad habit and start a healthy one? If so, you'll need to develop a plan of action and make that plan a priority.
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