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Are You an "Innie" or an "Outie"?

What do navels have to do with productivity? Absolutely nothing. But these quick tips will help you get better performance from your entire team, by managing introverts and extroverts properly.

Power Principle: How to Amp up Your Influence at Work

In today's flatter, team-based and dynamic organizations, influence matters more than ever. Here's how to drive performance and build loyalty -- without being a dictator.

Workplace Optimism: 3 Ways to Nurture It

Optimism in the workplace increases productivity, customer satisfaction and profits. What can you do to cultivate an environment that inspires employees and gives them hope that good things will come from their work? Here are three steps to creating a more optimistic culture.

12 Brain Hacks to Unlock Greater Leadership, Innovation, Focus and Creativity

Feel like your brain has gone into hibernation? Wake it up! Unleash untapped mental power (you know it's in there) with these surprisingly simple tricks.

'Built to Last' Leadership

Kevin Eikenberry shares five timeless principles that will make you a stronger leader -- one who makes a lasting impact on your business, your community and the world.

Biggest Employee Recognition FAILS

Do your recognition efforts make all employees feel valued -- or left out and stressed out? Improve your results by learning from these mistakes.

Better Leadership Habits are 3 Cs Away

Are habits hard to change? Absolutely! But with the right approach, you can use them more effectively to create the results you want as a leader.

Rubber Balls Make Great Leaders

Well, maybe they don't -- but they do have one essential characteristic in common. Find out what it is, and how it can make you a remarkable manager (and a happier one, to boot!).

Are Performance Reviews Dead?

Clearly, you can't just abandon reviews entirely. But if your processes were developed five or more years ago, they may no longer serve your company well -- and may require a fresh approach. Why?

Ten Fresh Ideas for Managing Virtual Teams

Globalization, new technology, cost-cutting and the need for increasingly specialized skill sets are changing the game. In recent years, more companies have started to hire remotely or to assemble teams of employees who work in different locations but are expected to collaborate on a single project.

Here are 10 tips and ideas for managing your virtual team.

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